Bob Vogel, T10 para, Loomis, Calif.

Bob Vogel, T10 para, Loomis, Calif.

Outside Tracks
Exercise On a Dime
I have a chinup bar in an outside building that I couldn’t do without. At least a couple of times a week — or more — I go into the clutter of my tool shed and climb up the fat-knotted red rope to knock off at least a couple sets of 12-15 chinups, pulling the chinup bar behind my head. Once done, I can just hang there, arms fully extended, and experience a great relaxing feeling as my shoulders and back stretch, pop and crack and decompress from all that sitting. It keeps my shoulders in shape (and balanced) and gives me an exercise-induced brain boost. Most important, it’s better than a scale (which I don’t have) at letting me know if I’m gaining an extra pound or two.

Nesting Instincts
Wipe That Food off Your Face!
I love my hamburgers and tacos. But once I’ve managed to wedge one into a partially functional right hand, I don’t dare set it down again lest it fall apart. There’s no way I can pick up a napkin to wipe my mouth with my completely flaccid left hand. That can be embarrassing when I have food on my face.

So I “borrowed” one of my husband’s hankies and safety-pinned a key ring to the center of it. I can slide the ring over a finger or thumb on my left hand and discreetly wipe my mouth. Most any type of large ring (or even a small ponytail holder) will do. I keep one pre-made “napkin” in my purse for eating out and two or three more in a kitchen drawer. You could also keep the ring and a safety-pin in your wallet and attach it to the cloth napkin of a restaurant when eating out.

Home Depot offers three-quarter-inch rings in a two-pack for 97 cents at the key counter. Ace Hardware has them for 39 cents each in several different sizes.
— Sharon Gardner

In the Kitchen
I can clean the shelves in the fridge door and reach the side walls fairly well. It takes a lot more effort to pull out the vegetable bins and lug them to the sink. But what about all the crumbs and drips that collect on the inside back floor of the fridge? That’s a real problem to reach. Now, after cleaning the bins, I slide two plastic placemats under each bin. When drips run down the back wall or crumbs fall to the bottom, I slide out the place mats, wipe them off and slide them back under the bins and up the back wall a couple of inches. It doesn’t eliminate all the cleaning, but it makes it a lot easier.