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Shrinking Van Parking Aisle Has a Good Explanation

You may have noticed that the crosshatched aisle for deploying van lifts has become narrower in many of your favorite parking spots, and wondered if your rights were shrinking too. The fact is, a change in regulations four years ago is making its way onto the asphalt in more places, and it’s actually a good thing, once you understand it.


Best Ever DIY Project by a Wheelchair User

If you love time-lapse DIY videos that make complicated projects look easy, you’ll love this one of a para building an outdoor wood stove with prep area, bar and table. As if the brick and wood work weren’t amazing enough, the adaptive tools, including a custom platform lift, are themselves DIY masterpieces. 55 million viewers can’t be wrong.


Companion Platform Lets Walkers Hitch a Ride on Power Chairs

Judi Chapman demonstrates the Care E On on the back of husband Byron's wheelchair.

Judi Chapman demonstrates the Care E On on the back of husband Byron’s wheelchair.

It may not look as cool as Marty McFly skitching in Back to the Future, but it’s a lot more practical: With the Care E On, a walking person can hop on a wheeled platform that folds down from the back of a power chair and join the wheeler at their speed.

Neck Surgery Can Relieve Pain and Restore Function Lost from Cervical Stenosis

Pain, numbness, tingling and loss of strength may indicate spinal stenosis, the narrowing of the canal formed by the spinal bones that encase the spinal cord. What’s happening, exactly? The discs that cushion the vertebrae are bulging, or bone growth is pinching into the cord or into nerve roots. Good news: The surgery to repair this damage is common and has a high success rate.

Wheelchair Luggage Eases a Major Travel Woe

If you have a rigid chair with a bar on the back, the Phoenix Instinct wheelchair luggage attaches easily and rolls impressively through tight spaces with omni-directional wheels. Designer Andrew Slorance, a para for 34 years, plans to offer attachments for other kinds of wheelchairs in the near future.


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