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Boy With Cerebral Palsy Ejected From Trump Rally, Meets President Obama

On the Saturday before the election, J.J. Holmes, 12, begged his mother to drive him to Trump’s Tampa, Florida, rally so he could protest the future president’s treatment of people with disabilities. As he did with all protesters, Trump ordered him out of the rally, prompting his supporters to chant, “USA! USA,” while pushing the teen’s wheelchair.

The very next day, President Obama invited J.J. to a Clinton rally in Kissimmee, where the teen shook his hand and posed for a photo that lit up the internet.

To Post? Or Not To Post? The Weird World of Online Dating for a Woman in a Wheelchair

alexandraIn her Nov. 6 blog entry, 22-year-old Alexandra Stoffel shares how she struggled with whether she should post photos showing her wheelchair to online dating sites or stick with waist-high ones:

I eventually chose a balance of both, two with the chair, two without. The response was interesting. I saw a lot of messages from guys who told me I was pretty with that ever delightful follow-up of, “It’s a shame you’re in a wheelchair” because apparently, the two are mutually exclusive. I got many similar responses that implied my wheelchair cannot add to beauty or simply be beautiful in itself.

And then, of course, I got some straight up odd responses, my personal favorite being, “So are you actually in a wheelchair or are you just about that wheelchair life?” (I wish I was making this stuff up.) Once I had pictures of me in my chair on my profile, the odd and pity-expressing messages piled in, which made me feel like taking those photos down. …

Fortunately, I had a friend who urged me to keep the pictures on my profile. He encouraged me to lean into the discomfort and self-doubt I was feeling, to revel in it and to address it head on. Why couldn’t I see myself as beautiful when in a chair?

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