Crip Buzz: November 2017

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wheelchair access symbolReal-Life Access Symbols

“We all recognize the typical symbol on accessible bathrooms and parking spaces, right? It is of a weird stick-like person sitting in a 20th  century asylum-looking wheelchair. Well, on a parking space it kind of looks like somebody in a wheelchair had fallen sideways and somebody made an outline of it with white spray paint. How funny would it be to align one’s body and wheelchair on top of this symbol? This is what we had to do.”
— Roxy and Madeline,

Yo! Buzzfeed Quiz Honors New Leaders

The good folks at Youth Organizing! Disabled & Proud put together a Buzzfeed quiz that lets Facebook denizens see what 21st century disability leader they are. So far here at New Mobility we’ve scored ADAPT organizer Anita Cameron, Disability Visibility Project’s Alice Wong, filmmaker Dominick Evans and social justice organizer Allie Cannington. Take the quiz at and learn more about Yo! at

disabled and proud quiz

Thank You for Asking

Rooted In Rights Editor Emily Ladau Instagrammed this photo of “Are you OK?” carved into a curb cut while visiting Chinatown in Washington, D.C., and we’d like the introspective vandal to know that yes, yes we are.

curb cut