Rick Frame demonstrates Sesame Enable at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, this past March.


I have been a C3-4 quadriplegic for 20 years, and didn’t learn about Sesame Enable’s hands-free phone until five years ago. At that time, Sesame Enable was still developing its hands-free technology.

The thought of making my own phone call was exhilarating. I could call without anyone dialing for me? Without my caregiver having to sit around or be in the next room waiting for me to be done to hang up? I could make a call in privacy to whoever I wanted without anyone knowing? This was what I was longing for!

I was lucky enough to receive a Sesame Phone through the company’s initial donation program. It wasn’t the first smart phone I had, but it was the first one I had control of. I immediately called my mom — some things never change in life — and said, “mom, I’m calling on my own!”

The Open Sesame! App is Easy

With my phone connected to my chair and stationed in front of my face, the app technology tracks my head movements through my phone’s front-facing camera. I control a cursor on my screen to dial the phone and type text messages. I’ve seen similar technology be difficult to get the hang of, but using this is easy. The sound of my voice activates the app and from there the possibilities are endless.

Sesame Enable continues to evolve the technology. Today, anyone with an Android device can download the Open Sesame! app and control their phone immediately, taking back a piece of their life in a way many thought was lost forever.

Even though many of the reasons I use Open Sesame revolves primarily around staying in touch with others, there is so much more to the technology that other uses take advantage of. I know other Open Sesame users play games and control their smart home devices, things that those of us who are paralyzed so often miss out on.

For me, Sesame Enable is pure magic. It has changed the way I interact with my friends and family, I have regained independence and confidence to tackle daily activities my own — for that, I am truly grateful.

See below for a video demonstration of Open Sesame:

Rick Frame lives in Arlington, Texas, and is an ADA accessibility expert as well as an advocate for Sesame Enable Technology. The ‘Open Sesame’ app is available for $14.99 per month for 12 months with the first month free, a limited-time special offer if you register by the year’s end.