People of the Year
Wonderful work being done in New York [“People of the Year: Yannick Benjamin and Alex Elegudin,” January 2018]. Bless everyone involved.
Pete Smith

NYC Looking Better
I am in a wheelchair due to MS. I moved to Florida and I was afraid of going back to New York City because it’s not friendly for people with wheelchairs. After reading your story, I am ready to go back and hopefuly meet you.
Nina Seidner

Pneumatic Tools
I have found pneumatic tools easier to work with than their electric counterparts [“Setting Up a DIY Workspace,” Gear Hacks, January 2018]. It takes more initial setup, but provides a bit safer operation and the tools weigh less.
Allen Copeland

Cartoon Feedback
Super Funny. I’m the normal guy whose job sucks the life out of me [Please Remain Seated, January 2018]. But, I have a job, so that in itself is a blessing.
Frank Meier

Not So Funny
I’ve been a para for over 42 years and I love to laugh at myself. My first reading of this cartoon is still trying to sink in [Please Remain Seated]. I may wake up at 4 a.m. and laugh out loud, but right now I am still looking for the big punch line to hit me.
David Barrett

Loving Oneself
I couldn’t agree more! [“The Day Something Changed,” Reframed, January 2018.] I, too, am trying to find ways to care for myself and my body without being in war mode.
Melissa N. Mitchell

No Flap Surgery
My husband, Walter, C5-6, 76, in great health and 59 years post-injury, faced this very same type of wound in 2010 and “fired” all medical professionals [“Wound Care ‘Marathon,’” January 2018]. I studied wound care like a crazy person and promised him I would find a way to heal it without the flap surgery that three different doctors/hospitals all insisted he needed ASAP. We ended up choosing Derma Wound from, and I devised a way to inject it into the wound tunnel using a very small oral syringe. It did take a long, slow time to heal and needed treatments twice a day (the big problem with wound care that our current system is not set up to handle), and he spent a lot of time in bed on a mattress overlay, listening to books on tape, but damned if it didn’t heal!
Lois Post

Editor’s note:
Not all wounds are alike. A wound’s ability to heal can be compromised by complications like diabetes, venous insufficiency, peripheral artery disease and chronic incontinence. Hence, flap surgery should be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with a wound care specialist and plastic surgeon.

Get the Best Seating
I found one of the problems [with the current wound care system] is that nearly all of the doctors, nurses and rehab people don’t have that much experience with us and are therefore amateurs [“Wound Care ‘Marathon‘”]. It’s a scary reality for those of us in the SCI community. It would be great if we all could fly by private jet to Craig or Shepherd, but for those of us who are ordinary working stiffs, it is just not an option.

Now the good news. Thanks to NEW MOBILITY, I read about Aspen Seating in Denver. When I was stable following my last of three flap surgeries, I went there and they designed a seat for me. They did more for me than any surgeon because I have not had a butt pressure sore since 2005. They are masters. So if you’re getting sores from your current seating, I would strongly encourage you to have them evaluate you.
Nick Fowler