It Meant So Much

For the last 10 years there has been an unexplainable comfort knowing that Tim Gilmer was steering the ship of NEW MOBILITY. It is special to see somebody in his 70s living with and pushing through this ridiculous life of spinal cord injury. Tim has given this community a lot of wisdom in the last 17 years. I hope the wisdom is not lost in an attempt to appeal to the prototypical younger SCI person. So, tip a toast to Tim and keep his voice alive. Thanks.
Dan Nicholson

You were a worthy successor to Barry Corbet. Your writing is excellent — clear, concise and compassionate — and you have never been afraid to take a stand. I was in tears when Barry left the post, and history is now repeating itself. Congratulations on whatever adventures await you. I’m glad NM continues on.
Cindy Brown

I wish you the very best in whatever you choose to do or whatever path is shown for you to follow. You helped to guide me through the trying time when my son was injured back in the early 2000s. You helped give my frustration a voice, something for which I shall ever be grateful. Thank you, Tim.
John E. Smith

So many things Tim writes about really hit me in the gut. It’s just incredible.
Kirk Sketchley

Tim, I have followed your editorials since you began writing for NM. Your words have always had great meaning to me as a 71-year-old quad. Your article is always the first one I turn to and will be greatly missed. I hope you have a great retirement and good health to come.
David Coffield

Oh, Tim! I will miss your monthly adventures! Of course, I wish you all the best. I’m glad NM is in such capable hands, and I hope to continue to read your wheelchair wisdom for years to come.
Susan Scofield

Thank you for thoughtfully sharing your insights and experiences, Tim. I look forward to contributions from “retired” you. Keep being awesome, new editing team!
Brook McCall

I believe as you, and hope that whatever God is leading you into next brings the same kind of fulfillment.
David Keyes

Your sage words will be missed. It was an honor working with you for so many years.
Tiffiny Carlson

I’m glad to read anything Tim Gilmer writes.
Marge Heatley

Hey, Tim. I remember vividly the day you, me, Barry and Jean met. Thank you very much for your many years as NM’s incredible editor! Enjoy retirement.
Jeff Leonard (former owner of NM)

Please, please, please find a way to keep sharing your thoughts, experiences and insights. You are a voice that still needs to be heard. Thanks for such a great career.
Mike Savicki

We want to hear more from you Tim, not less … sad that you are moving on … please keep us posted on your recovery from flap surgery and other experiences in life. Best wishes for your continued journey of life.
Madonna Logosz

Best of luck to Tim as he transitions into the next chapter of his life. I’ve always enjoyed his writing, which was (and still is) without exception informed and informative, relevant, clearly expressed, honest and heartfelt.
Stephen Feldman

I’m a better man — and a better writer — for having been a partner on this journey with you. All best!
Gary Karp

All the best to you, Tim! I so enjoyed working with you … and having the opportunity to contribute to a great publication. You will certainly be missed!
Linda Mastandrea

Sad for us but happy for you!
Lois West