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NYC Places Cap on Inaccessible Uber Licenses

Finally, there’s some progress in the wild west of inaccessible ride-hailing services. The New York City Council recently became the first in the country to place a cap on the number of new Uber and Lyft vehicles that can be registered in the city, with an exemption for wheelchair accessible vehicles. What effect this will have on the availability of accessible rides remains to be seen, but it’s a move in the right direction.


Playa Crawler ‘Wheelchair’

Whether or not this chair gives you the heebie jeebies probably depends on your level of concern with biorobots taking over the world. With 1.2 million views on Facebook, this 30-second video of a “wheelchair” that doesn’t actually have any wheels, but rather scurries around on mechanized insect legs, is hard to take your eyes off. Oh, and the chair was made for Burning Man. Of course.


Wizard Parking

How do you feel about wizards? Doubtful it’s any stranger than the latest Please Remain Seated comic from Matt Barton. The punchline may be open to interpretation, but it’s good whichever way you go with it.


A Guy in a Wheelchair Rolls into a Comedy Club

“I won’t be satisfied until my second buddy-cop movie,” says rising Indianapolis comedian Lucas Waterfill. A power chair user with cerebral palsy who isn’t afraid to lean into the inherent humor of living with a disability, Waterfill has been cracking up comedy clubs across the eastern half of the country and might just be on the verge of making it big.


Small Details Equal Major Improvements in Wheelchair Tech

Rarely is innovation a bolt out of the blue — more often it’s an evolution of already proven technologies. The latest wheelchair details may not be huge leaps forward, but these incremental improvements can make a big difference in comfort and performance: chatter-free power chair suspension, super customizable seat positioning, a folder that rides like a rigid and ultralight off-road wheels.

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