Crip Buzz: October 2018

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Wheelchair Ramps and Access From Hell

Wheelchair Ramps and Access From Hell

“There are so many confounding examples of ADA access/ wheelchair access that we see in our lives in person and on social media that I wanted to create a place where it all could be seen and anyone could post their own photos, too. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, someone will send in a shot of some¬thing really bad, and everyone does a collective groan on the Facebook page. I think the dark humor helps folks connect on this aspect of life in a chair.

“Sometimes I use the photos on Twitter to ‘reply’ to people in other planning and transportation professions when they post on issues impacting bike riders, like separated bike lanes being blocked or not swept and kept clean. I post a shot on their Twitter with our ramps, curbs and sidewalks being blocked as if to say, ‘welcome to our world’.”

— Terri O’Hare, creator @Wheelchairrampsandaccessfromhell