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Richard Holicky has been writing for NM since 1991. He worked full-time in the Craig Rehabilitation Hospital Research Department for several years and since 1997 as a consultant. In 2010 he was instrumental in creating, then facilitating, the three-part Reinventing Yourself study, which focuses on dealing with the lifestyle changes that come with SCI. Holicky has also penned an SCI caregiver’s guide and Roll Models, a “survivor’s manual” for people with new spinal cord injuries. Holicky has served on the boards of local CILs and NSCIA. He lives in Denver with his bride, Jeannie Dunham, and Leo, the attack cat.

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Homemade Equipment

By | November 1st, 2009|

The minute we bump up against a new equipment-related problem, we usually pick up the phone or click on Google in search of some solution [...]

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