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Grand Rapids, Michigan
$ 5,500.00

Awesome, powerful, smooth riding chair that will take you almost anywhere outdoors, & in.

Great maneuverability, fits nice in a minivan, spins on a dime & takes bumps, curbs, roots like a champ. I've pulled deer hundreds of yards (before dressing) w/ out hardly feeling a strain.

I set it up w/ aftermarket LED'S that light up the woods, sidewalk, etc. & 12vdc outlet/usb

Red chair: Has Tilt, Recline & Legs.$5,500.00
Black chair: Has Elevate only, with 23" wide seat. (this is adjustable) $6,500.00

Very good batteries & tires.

Take this for a test spin & you'll never want to get back in your old chair!

Here are a couple links which describe it well:
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