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Jean Dobbs

Editorial Director
Being the editorial director of a niche magazine means overseeing everything from content to design to budgets. One day I might be imagining whole new departments, supplements or spin-off titles; the next tinkering with individual layouts. One of my favorite duties is art directing the covers, working with talented photographers and illustrators to accurately portray active wheelchair lifestyle in a way you won’t see anywhere else. Got a unique cover idea? I’d love to hear it. Click here to email me.

aboutusTG2Tim Gilmer
As New Mobility’s editor, I’m responsible for the magazine’s content — stories, columns, departments. Besides doing hands-on editing and writing, I stay in touch with freelance writers and readers, getting your story ideas and feedback. I’ve been paralyzed since 1965, so relating your personal stories and viewpoints to our progress and history — the larger view — comes naturally. Feel free to send your comments, suggestions, letters directly to me.

JosieByzek2Josie Byzek
Managing Editor
As managing editor of New Mobility and social media manager, it’s a big part of my job to track who’s who and what’s next in the disability community. Also, to know what is working for you, what you’d like to see improved in New Mobility, and what stories you think we ought to cover next. Unlike most of our editors, I have MS, not an SCI, so I bring the perspective of living with a progressive disability to NM. Click here to send me an email.

Ian-Ruder2Ian Ruder
Senior Editor
I’m a senior editor, but I’m the newest (and youngest) member of the New Mobility editorial team. I’m not the quad you deserved, but the quad you needed. I oversee the United Spinal Association content and write features. I’m always looking for fun or quirky stories and love profiling interesting people. If you’ve got a novel story idea, know someone or something you think New Mobility should be covering or simply want to let us know what you think about the magazine, hit me up.

bob-vogelBIOpicBob Vogel
Senior Correspondent
As senior correspondent, I’ve been writing for New Mobility since 1996, covering adaptive equipment, sports, health and travel. Besides contributing features, I also write “Para/Medic,” an in-depth health column, and manage NM’s Facebook site. I love sharing my close to 30 years experience with SCI, as well as learning from our readers and sharing their experiences. Plus, I enjoy talking to the top SCI researchers in the world, gathering information and options for our readers. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing back from a reader that something I wrote made a difference.

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Advertising Sales Staff

Megan Lee
Sales Executive

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