When I entered the job market five years ago, my communications degree stashed confidently under my arm, I had digested two or three of the hot books on job hunting, writing cover letters and interviewing. I had enthusiasm. I had a plan. I had skills.

But I had no idea it was going to take me nine months of two, three, sometimes four interviews a week before I landed my first job as a copy editor. In the process, I was forced to rethink my job hunting approach.

Remember that game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? News flash: if Kevin Bacon can be the center of the universe, so can you. Understanding this is essential to your success. The job you want is only a few people away. It’s just a question of making the right connections.

The following advice is given with that thought in mind.

Interview people who work for companies you’re interested in or who are where you want to be.

I really found the “informational interview” empowering, because it allowed me to take control of my job search. The main idea is this: From every person you talk to, you are going to get three leads for the next step of your search. Don’t stop talking to people until you do. Then it