Illustration by Mark H. Adams

My faith is both secular and eclectic, an outgrowth of much reading, some logic, rational thinking, personal experience, and meditation, rather than any formal religious practice or belief in God. This “Whitman Sampler” approach to faith and life isn’t all that uncommon in the secular world. We find things that work and hang on tooth and nail.

In trying times, be they terrorist attacks, school shootings or the personal challenge of dealing with disability, most people turn to religion for faith and hope. An article in Rehabilitation Psychology a couple of years ago stated that three quarters of all Americans base their approach to life on their religious faith. But what of the rest of us, the ones who subscribe to a more secular approach to life which doesn’t involve the worship of God?

Does not believing in God or religion preclude one from having faith? Does being an atheist mean one believes in nothing? Of course not.

If faith doesn’t come from b