By Kelly Mack

The next generation isn’t just a Star Trek television series–it’s our future taking shape right now. New leaders with disabilities are engaged and active citizens of the world. They are traveling internationally, starting nonprofit organizations, earning graduate degrees, organizing protests, getting into business and paving the way for exciting developments for people with disabilities. These energetic youths, spurred on by examples set by established and experienced leaders with disabilities, are pushing activism to the next level. They are benefiting from improved educational opportunities and accessibility–the fruit of hard-earned victories of previous advocates. With spunk, intelligence and determination, they continue the battle for equality.

While these four are but a glimpse into the many young people active in local and national communities, this sample offers a chance to appreciate the accomplishments, present and in progress, of today’s young leaders. With many different perspectives on leadership and methods of tackling advocacy, what unites these individuals is the passion to pursue their personal dreams and community commitments.

Cheri Blauwet