Photo by Chris Benson

Here’s a picture of NEW MOBILITY at 20, as commemorated by the narratives of five NM subjects, each riding a different roller coaster: Other than being about the same age and using wheelchairs, these people are not of a type. They are, however, linked in a unique way: Four were photographed in the early days of the magazine, and again for this issue, by C7 quad Chris Benson. The other is Chris  Benson herself. The unifying theme? Survival and transcendence.

The late Barry Corbet showed me the concept of the modern gimp as mythic hero. Joseph Campbell’s book — The Hero With A Thousand Faces — lays out the Hero’s Path: a) Departure (set off by a monumental change); b) Initiation (trials along the way); and c) Atonement (coming to terms with a) and b). And finally, the Return — one’s rebirth and rei