alternative medicines wheelchairMost Americans know the basics of good health whether we apply them or not — eat right, take vitamins, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, etc. But what about secondary effects of wheelchair use — worn-out shoulders, arthritis, urinary tract infections, pressure sores, poor circulation, susceptibility to diabetes? In addition to well-known traditional treatments, many of which have bothersome side effects, are there safe natural methods that can lessen the severity of these syndromes?

Everything cited in the following list of alternative treatments can be purchased in your local compounding pharmacy or herb store. This information is based primarily on personal experience, health books, naturopathic and medical consultations and Internet searches. It is not intended to be comprehensive. My purpose is to share a few safe, helpful alternatives that you might want to investigate further.

Worn-Out Shoulders
I first read about prolotherapy on the front page of the sports section in an article about injured NFL athletes who opt for this alternative treatment so they can get