Stand up golf machineThere are some definite perks to my job. One of the coolest is being able to try out some pretty sweet stuff and blog about it (hi).

So, when renowned wheelchair golfer Anthony Netto (who spent a huge chunk of his own money to create one of the finest stand-up recreation machines made, the Paramobile) came to Minneapolis a couple of days ago to help with a fundraiser for a local boy who was paralyzed last year, I was more than agreeable to his invitation.

He asked if I wanted to try out the machine at a local course (that was hosting a tournament for the Courage Center; a nearby independent living center for people with disabilities). When was the last time you stood up and played a sport? I’ve been so excited to try one of these stand-up and play machines for years now. I wasn’t a serious golfer before my injury (unless making two holes on your step-dad’s one acre property counts).

Anthony brought two of his Paramobiles to Minnesota (they are made at Otto Bock in Germany and cost $19k/each), and the moment I saw the machine being driven out of the golf cart shed I was pumped to get in it (and once I did, I thankfully wasn’t let down). It’s a fairly simple design – it has a very wide powerchair ba