I was worried Zack Anner’s wheelchair travel show, that debuted last December on the OWN network, wouldn’t get the ratings it needed, and it turns out I was right. Boo, hiss…you can’t tell me Andrew Zimmern is anymore entertaining.

As we see once again the public still isn’t that interested in disability-related media to garner the big numbers, “I went from Oprah, to No-prah,” Zach says after his show debuted (if you remember, he was voted by over 9 million Oprah viewers in 2010) he decided to do the only natural thing: Bring his travel show to the web. You mean I can get fresh and tasty Zach Anner several times a week??

Zach, and his very funny (and hunky) crew (his brother is also part of his comedy team), have partnered up with the founder of Reddit to launch their show, Riding Shotgun with Zach Anner, and it is no ordinary travel show.

They asked the web to tell them which 8 cities they should go during their upcoming 5,000 mile road trip across the US and Canada, and they used Reddit to put out the call for suggestions.