Love Affair with Vegas
I loved Mark E. Smith’s “Freewheeling in Las Vegas”

[July 2012]. I retired here two years ago and love everything here. I noted in his article that he mentioned that the “seat on his power wheelchair elevates him to bar height.” I’ve been looking for a wheelchair that would elevate me a little higher, too, but haven’t found it. Presently I own two manual chairs and two electric scooters, but have always wanted to be higher so I could cook in my kitchen at a more comfortable height.
Samantha Theobald
Las Vegas, Nevada

EDITOR: Mark Smith says this about elevating seats: “Virtually every complex rehab power chair manufacturer offers an 8-inch to 10-inch seat lift that elevates the seated user. The difficulty is that most insurers don’t fund seat lifts, so they must be paid for by Voc Rehab or other funding sources, or out of pocket. I hope this helps.”

Recipe for Regularity
Women need to avoid unwanted bowel movements because they can lead to urinary infections which necessitate taking antibiotics [“Tao of Poo,” July 2012]. The fewer of those the better. I like the Magic Bullet, mannose powder, unsweetened cranberry juice (yucky) and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon plus 1 teaspoon of honey in one cup warm water as needed. I like to eat light in general, but especially around trips. I feel better not feeling stuffed.
Judy Finelli
San Francisco, California

Cut Out the Booze
I’m a C6-7 quad for 33 years. Cutting out alcohol like beer and rum reduces the chances of bowel accidents significantly [“Tao of Poo”]. When I drank I was always nervous about making it to the next program, and thankfully my wife didn’t leave me. Since quitting alcohol and eating a well-rounded diet, “accidents” are a thing of the past. Use Depends or Chux the morning after or day of a program. There always seems to be a curtain call even after the most successful of scheduled colon blows.
Dave Velguth
Appleton, Wisconsin

My Program Works
I’m a 77-year-old female, T6 para since an ischemic stroke five years ago. Because of arthritic shoulders, I cannot transfer and so I use a four-point sling with cutout on a Hoyer lift. For my morning bowel program, an aide pumps me up over my bed, places a bedpan under me and while seated comfortably during the next 15-20 minutes I pull on the sling to do ab crunches and p