Teal Sherer

The first season of Teal Sherer’s web-series, My Gimpy Life, has come to a close, and it was hysterically funny. It featured the lovely Miss Teal, who played a paraplegic actress trying to get work in Hollywood

What did you think of this series (if you haven’t watched all 5 episodes yet, you definitely should because they’re free and you can watch them here). Make no mistake, this series was supposed to make you laugh, but it had a dark overtone to it, and I really liked this part of the show. In fact, I think it was my favorite part.

From the first episode when you meet her character for the first time, you knew the series was going to be something that nobody has ever seen before. When you use a wheelchair and you’re pretty sharp, and aware, like Teal, there’s a lot of crazy stuff you experience, and see. When I love about this series is that Teal is making fun of all the crap we have to deal with, only she’s showing how it is from her LA perspective.

One of my favorite scenes in the series is when she’s at an ATM trying to get money, and a man approaches her out of the blue asking if she can have sex, and when she replies yes, he asks her out. Situations like this are ones only people in chairs can understand, and that is why I am such a huge fan of this show. I can’t think of one other show, whether it’s on TV or online, that’s revealing all of the craziness that happens when you have a disability.

I also really liked how Teal made fun of the competition that can happen between actors with disabilities in Hollywood in the episode, “Two Shades of Teal,” where they show her having a tiff with a little person actress at a club. She also did a really good job on the whole “inspiratio