Mark E. SmithWhen it comes to selecting wheelchairs, most of us look at performance, like frame material on an ultralight manual or speed on a power chair. However, among the most overlooked aspects is seating and positioning, which dictates user comfort. With the average user spending 16 hours per day in a wheelchair, it’s arguably among the most vital factors affecting one’s health. Seating and positioning components are continually evolving. The good news is the latest round is geared toward optimizing comfort, health and performance.

The innovative construction of ROHO’s new PostureLITE cushion assures a product that is comfortable, protective and durable — and it’s ultralight. At only 1.5 pounds, the PostureLITE is among the lightest pressure management cushions ever made. Yet what makes it even more unique is its “fail-safe” no-maintenance construction as a sealed air and foam hybrid cushion. The PostureLITE features an air bladder around the sides and front, supporting a center foam section. The result is a suspended seating surface that conforms and shifts with postural changes, but won’t bottom-out should a leak occur in the surrounding air bladder, which allows some inward side compression, so the cushion can adapt to slight seat width variations. The PostureLITE comes in three sizes that fit seat widths 15 to 20 inches, has a fluid-resistant cover, and features a 12-month warranty. For maximum pressure management, ROHO still recommends its full air floatation cushions, but the PostureLITE is a great seating surface for active wheelers who want the lightest of light cushions.

Also new in the cushion arena is the Amovida Motion Comfort+, a gel-type cushion designed for active users. What separates the Motion Comfort+ from many other gel-type cushions is the fluid bladder covers the entire seating area, as opposed to only the rear portion of the cushion. This allows for equalized support and press