RuckerthOur friends “the media” have overused a lot of terms lately to describe what happens when some political event or statement causes a large and troublesome response. There is the old chestnut, “backlash,” but it’s fading in favor of more aggressive terms like “blowback” and “pushback.” Blowback sounds like a force of nature, as in, “The blowback from the bomb took the roof off of my house.” Pushback, on the other hand, feels human. Someone pushes you on the school yard and what do you do? You push them back, hard. Then they push you back harder, then you shove them halfway across the baseball field, then a teacher comes and sends you both to detention.

After more than 20 years of the ADA, people with disabilities have been getting a lot of pushback lately. It takes many forms, everything from Ayn Rand admirers like Sen. Rand Paul — note the name — deciding we really don’t need an ADA at all, to bus drivers snarling when a chair user boards and needs to be strapped down. A lot of people out there are steamed that you have that “special” parking spot, or they secretly, and sometimes openly, covet and confiscate the disabled toilet stall because, “Hey, why should ‘they’ get the nicest seat in the bathroom?” California Governor Jerry Brown, once the darling of the disability community, is now cutting disability services because, he a