If you have a disability (especially if it’s visible), the prevailing fear is that some may view us as an easy target. It takes a special kind of idiot to go after someone in a wheelchair, truly (and they deserve what’s coming to them), but if it does happen, how do you plan on protecting yourself?

For some folks, they decide to live more safely. If they avoid unlit parking lots, bad areas of the city at night, etc, hopefully they’ll be ok. Some even decide to take self-defense classes (there are a lot of good ones for people with disabilities) or they go the lovable animal route and get a big dog (even making it their “helper dog” so the dog is always with them). But what if neither backup plan work? Would you get a gun?

You’d be surprised, but there are thousands of wheelchair users in this country that have conceal and carry permits. To the un-used-to-disability-perspective, this may seem like a scary reality. Is it safe for a wheelchair-user to use a gun? Absolutely, duh. Typically, the rule is that as long as you have the physical ability to handle your gun and have passed the conceal and carry permit test, you can legally carry a gun on your person. But wha