“If you think having no legs sucks, I’ll prove you otherwise,” is the awesome catchphrase of a brand new Travel Channel show starring Kevin Michael Connolly, a 27 year old from Montana, avid traveler and photographer, born without legs. It’s called Armed and Ready, and I couldn’t think of a better title.

There’s a chance you may have heard of him before. In 2009, Kevin was the darling of the internet for his photography exhibit,The Rolling Exhibition, which if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must for everyone to view (of all abilities). “15 Countries, 31 Cities, 32,000 photos. One stare” is the tagline of the exhibit, and it’s stunning. It shows thousands of photos taken from his level in city streets all over the world, catching “the look” people give him when they realize he has no legs. And he also published his memoirs, Double Take, profiling his childhood and travels.

“My Dad always joked he has 2 1/2 kids,” he says (referring to him and his two other siblings). Kevin clearly has a great sense of humor. No wonder he got his very own travel show. And the show is a branching off of his photography, and so much more. He travels, but instead of profiling people’s reaction to disability in different cultur