Luis Peña’s lifelong passion for video games was interrupted in 2007 when a work-related accident left him a quadriplegic. Peña was disappointed in the lack of accessible video game controllers. The controllers he found were expensive and he couldn’t play his favorite first-shooter games. He was shocked to find so few alternatives. “It goes to show the lack of attention that society puts on people that are disabled,” he says.

Peña shared his frustrations with caregiver Kaylin Winkelmann, and they got in touch with Dignified Products in Phoenix to help design a prototype Xbox controller. It took three years, but Peña designed a controller with large easy-to-press buttons and a chin-operated joystick for games requiring a 360-degree view.

Peña’s wireless controller retails for $399. He has received thanks from many customers who never thought they’d play video games again, and he wants to reach as many people as he can and help them rediscover gaming.

These are exciting times for Peña, who is looking to the future with cautious and excited optimism. “You’re scared that this is going to be overwhelming, and at the same time you’re excited because you know the possibilities that are out there,” Peña says.

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