Alan TroopCertainly some first-time road warriors might find the thought of a long drive daunting. But for those wheelers who feel the call of the road, roadtripping can be a great way to travel. And now that vehicles are becoming rolling electronic centers, there are more travel aids than ever to smooth the way for even the most anxious newbies. In fact, there are plenty of devices, services and apps to help you find your way, get you help, keep you in touch and aid your search for whatever goods and services you may need on your trip — no matter how far from home you roam.

Never Get Lost
(Well, almost never.)
The National Mobility Dealers Equipment Association lists fear of getting lost as one of the reasons why some wheelers develop a fear of driving. Their recommendation? Use a GPS or print out directions from the Internet.

Garmin’s 5-inch screen, 3590LMT ($399.99), and the 3490LMT ($349.99), its 4.3-inch screen little brother, come packed with enough features to counter the argument that smartphones have eliminated the need for a stand-alone GPS. At the top of most rankings and rated excellent by Consumer Reports, the units come with Garmin 3.0, the company’s newest, fastest guidance program, quad-friendly capacitive glass touch screens and bodies almost thin enough to rival an iPhone’s.

The devices also boast free lifetime maps, free traffic updates and Bluetooth hands-free calling. But what impresses most is the convenience their voice-activated navigation offers. Truly hands-free, unlike anything else in the in