311607_t607Every Spring my happiness for the incoming warm weather is clouded by a reminder of something that never was – my high school prom. I was a wheelchair-user by the time 9th grade hit, just in time to be rejected by every guy at my school. I never got asked to go with anyone, so I never went (stupidest idea ever).

But now days it seems wheelchair-users left and right are going to prom. They’re getting asked to go and if they aren’t getting asked, they’re going stag with a group of friends. No fears, no qualms, just putting themselves out there. If I had gone, I was over-the-top paranoid about standing out and being the only wheeler there. They on the other hand, could care less. The kids of today are awesome.

In retrospect, now that I’m a 30-something adult with a banging self-esteem, the fact that I allowed my mind to wallow in such wasted places as a teen, ruefully missing out on big-time events such as prom, bugs me to no end. Why in the heck I cared so much about what people thought is beyond me. Oh, what I would give to go back and do it all over again, a la Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed.

And I must say, I am really in love with the stag trend for prom. This makes going to prom without a date so much easier. And on top of that, going with a big group of friends to prom sounds like a blast and even more fun than having a date. I won’t lie though – I would have loved if Jay, this guy I was crushing on in high school (who had a gf), would’ve asked m