XIEglhCThere’s something epically cool about doing big, sweeping things no one would expect someone in a wheelchair to do. One of the most badass of these “unexpected” things – building your own wheelchair ramp. And that’s exactly what Samuel Nobile de Oliveira did, a paraplegic from Junia, Brazil.

His story is one you’ve heard of before – small town, officials keep promising a ramp would be built in the city hall where the health department is, buuuut it never happened. People wait, get disgruntled, complain, while the city spends its money on “more important things.” This happens all the time in countries all over the world, even still here in the US.

But where Samuel’s story becomes much different is that he took it upon himself to build the ramp himself. That’s right, whenever has a day off from work Samuel goes into town to work on the ramp. He’ll transfer onto the ground and just go to work, sometimes bringing an AB friend along to help with. Needless to say, him finally building the ramp got the attention of city officials

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