8952265646_07ae480d3b_mIt may sound crazy, or a stunt you’d only try to pull off if you had a death wish, but Pascal Honore and Tyron Swan are doing something insanely cool and no, they do not want to die – duct tape surfing. That’s right, Pascal, the paraplegic, goes surfing duct-taped to Tyron’s back.

I always knew duct tape was a blessing from the gods for disabled folks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used duct tape to fix my wheelchair and other mobility products. From my joystick cord on my chair bowing out and getting in the way to using it to “repair” my rolled-over and very bent reacher, duct tape can fix almost anything.

What I love about this surfing duo (like them on Facebook) is that they’re using duct tape in a totally new, dare I say “higher” way(?). Never in a millions years would I have thought of using duct tape to strap myself to an able-bodied person in order to experience something from the AB perspective, but it’s a pretty brilliant idea. And they also use a basic backback from Kmart for Pascal to sit in as well.

I gotta say, if I had come up with this idea myself, I’d brush it off as a ridiculously dangerous idea. But not Pascal, the badass para. She was injured 18 years ago, when she was 32 years old. Now 50, this young spirit