435202539_295It’s funny. Despite all the inane, possibly “offensive” videos that remain on YouTube, a how-to-have-sex-with-spinal-cord-injury video made by Dr. Mitch Tepper, is getting some static.

YouTube took down “Sexual Positions for Women with Paralysis,” a how-to with Anne, a T-9 paraplegic, and her boyfriend. It shows how they get into some of their favorite positions in bed that are both comfortable and safe (with them both clothed). It’s a 7-minute video, with Dr. Tepper — one of the best sexologists in the world specializing in the sexual health of the disabled — in his chair by the bed narrating. They show some awesome things, including her on top and positioning using a Liberator wedge pillow.

BUT no matter. All of Dr. Tepper’s videos are still on Vimeo video channel, including the male position how-to videos that are just as good (these videos strangely were not pulled by YouTube). In one video, Dr. Tepper shows how he positions himself in bed wi