SubwayIn July, 10 members of Boulder, Colo., ADAPT protested at a Subway restaurant after the sandwich chain refused to respond to numerous letters concerning the accessibility of its Arapahoe Avenue location.

A fleet of vans dropped their ramps over the one-step entrance, which effectively blocks wheelchair access, to let protestors inside one at a time. Once inside, protestors blocked both entrances. Store employees called the police. Boulder police negotiated an end to the protest and documented the restaurant’s inaccessibility in their report. No arrests were made.

According to Tim Wheat, protest organizer, the city is spending millions to increase pedestrian access in that area. “We think it’s criminal that the city would spend so much money on our ability to get from one place to another and yet that business can remain inaccessible,” he says. Wheat says ADAPT has filed a formal complaint against Subway with the U.S. Department of Justice.