cakeTwo days ago, the 20th anniversary of my injury came and went. As I sat here in front of my computer at 3:05pm, the exact time my injury occurred, I looked outside to observe the weather.

I wanted to see if the late August sky looked the same as it did when I broke my neck when I was stuck there in stasis in the water, no one knowing I was injured yet and slowly running out of air. I vividly remember looking up through the water toward the blue skies I so desperately wanted to reach. And you know what, eerily, the sky looked exactly the same the other day.

Then something profound dawned on me while looking at the sky — my injury that day 20 years ago came and went, just like everything else horrible that happens in life. 9/11, kids dying of cancer, anything bad you can imagine. The world doesn’t stop for anyone, even if my injury seems like the biggest thing in the world to me. There is a stark beauty in the weather being the same 20 years later, and kids are still playing at that very same beach.

I think this revelation is great fodder for any of us having a hard time moving on after an injury.  If we don’t move on, we will be left behind. The birds, the trees, seasons; the world stops for no one, and before we know it life will be over. Life is about being strong, not happy.  When my injury first occurred, everyone in my life had some major adjusting and they moved on, even if it’s been hard for me to do the same.

Then there’s the question as to whether one should throw a party or celebrate in some way when their injury anniversary comes to pass. P