Generous-Daniel-Black-with-Brecon-Vaughan-2046069I read a story today that’s quite unprecedented, something you would never expect someone with a new spinal cord injury to do. Usually newbies ar, “Me me me,” “How can I get better?” “How can the world help me?” but Dan Black, a 29 year old from the UK with a spinal cord injury, sees things quite differently.

When Dan was injured in 2009 after being hit by a car when bicycling, his small town of Chepstow, South Wales helped him raise $20,000. This was money intended to keep in savings until a viable stem cell treatment surfaced. However Dan gave it all away to Brecon Vughan recently, a five year old boy with cerebral palsy.

Brecon has never been able to walk unaided. His family is trying to raise $60,000 to help him get a sur