9524618163_011eeee392_mAre you one of those people who covers their wheelchair in every wheelchair accessory possible? Are one of these accessories a retractable arm? If so, I don’t blame you for putting this particular accessory on your chair. It’s one of the best out there.

This sweet accessory is the go-to device for wheelchair-users when they need things such as their books, laptops, iPads and phones held in front of them for easy access. It’s like having an assistant who is always there holding your book up to your face whenever you feel like reading. It’s a pretty awesome thing they have, especially when you can’t move your arms well.

Since being invented, there’ve been several retractable arms made by several manufacturers. And now days, they’re often referred as “iPads mounts” for marketing purposes. But whatever you use your retractable arm for, it’s important to figure out what kind you need. Right now, only manual retractable arms are for sale commercially. However, a design dreamt up by an assistant professor at Purdue University, and currently being promoted as a viable commercial product in their Office of Commercialization Technology, may soon change all of that.

His design is called the RoboDesk. What it is is an automatic retractable arm. With the touch of a button, the arm will move forward and bring your iPad, book or whatever you have on it, up to you without you having to lift a finger. You can almost hear the Jetson’s theme song as you watch it in action. Also, a flat surface comes along