Caitlinwood913Caitlin Wood, creator of the disability blog,, has long admired the work of many radical artists and activists with disabilities but is frustrated they aren’t receiving the attention they deserve.

Wood, a wheelchair user from Portland Ore., decided to create Criptiques, an anthology featuring progressive voices of people with disabilities. Showcasing edgy writing was Wood’s intention. “I definitely wanted it to kind of push boundaries and go beyond traditional conceptions of disability and disability portrayal,” she says.

Criptiques consists mainly of submitted writings from the disability community, but Wood wanted to include writers whose work she admired. The anthology features acclaimed writers with disabilities like Lydia Brown, Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg and Riva Lehrer.

Wood says people with disabilities are often marginalized, and there are few outlets for sharing people’s stories and experiences, which give an accurate perspective of disability. “I think it’s really important to share our experiences and connect them to a broader perspective,” she says. “If other people aren’t doing it, I think we need to create it for ourselves.”

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