Focus on the Positive
This is a very clever and well-formulated story

[“Criptopia,” August 2013]. It demonstrated so beautifully the issues, and just how easy it is to make change that has a major impact. I smiled the whole way through and loved the addition of the great references to those television and YouTube shows (Push Girls and My Gimpy Life) as well as the individuals who got a plug of support in the article as well. Well done, showing them some props!

The goal should be, not to have a perfect world, but to not let all the annoyances, inconsiderate people, and outright assaults on our rights and humanness cause us to be in a constant state of anger, bitterness or despair. We need to keep moving forward, as little or as slowly as we can, sometimes even going backwards on progress while we try to focus on our triumphs (like all the side features in the story did) and find joy in those who do make our lives easier, in supporting others, and giving back.

We all must also unite, as summarized in the story. I have noticed so much recently the coalitions of different groups forming to become a unified force, a stronger, larger base.  Yet, we have not been invited to this party. We are being forgotten and not included when they speak of civil rights: gay rights, racial and religious discrimination, and immigration reform. We must at least unite among ourselves. We have to support groups like United Spinal Association, be connected to what is occurring in our community and help each other succeed. Like a NAACP for crips. The National Association for the Advancement of Crip People: United for Criptopia!
Deborah Davis
Owner and Founder,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Long Way to Go
Still a long way to go in Maine [“Criptopia”]: a neurosurgical office with