Dedication, Loyalty and Friendship? Or Tokenism?
On September 4, Lawrence Carter-Long shared a link to a Guinness Beer commercial that showed a bunch of guys playing wheelchair basketball. At the end, all the guys but one stand up, and the whole gang of friends heads to a bar. Following are a few of the 40-plus comments this commercial inspired on Carter-Long’s Facebook profile. View the commercial and tell us what you think.

Lawrence Carter-Long: “Dedication, loyalty, friendship … the choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.” What say you, good people? Is this inclusion in advertising — or something else?

Tim Gorski: Awww, Guinness is trying to create a new image for themselves. I do kinda like it though. It made me all teary. Big men with soft hearts.

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg: I don’t think it takes character to include someone. I think it takes just being a person. I just can’t congratulate people on what they ought to be doing in the first place, and I can’t stand it when people congratulate me on doing what I ought to be doing in the first place. It’s only in an incredibly harsh and isolating world that an act of inclusion could be seen as something to be called out and lauded as noble rather than simply expected. If we keep treating people like noble beings for doing it, inclusion will always seem like a choice rather than the way things ought to be.

Deborah Davis: The fact of the matter is most simply do not go to these lengths to keep someone in the game. Many friends walk away. So, I guess that does show good character as in loyalty and friendship to do so.

Chuck Graham: There’s no charity in this. It’s just guys hanging out with guys, playing sports and going for a beer. Did they not guard him and let him make a basket? No. Did they push him to the ba