mar13ScooterStoreOne of the nation’s largest providers of mobility equipment has gone out of business.  The Scooter Store closed in September after losing its Medicare reimbursement contract.

The company, known for promising scooters at little or no cost, has long been scrutinized. Critics contend the Scooter Store has a history of selling wheelchairs and scooters to seniors who don’t need them.

The Scooter Store’s woes surfaced in January after CBS News investigated the company. From 2009-2012, government auditors found the company bilked Medicare for nearly $108 million dollars. In February, federal agents raided the Scooter Store’s Texas headquarters. They filed for bankruptcy in April.

“The Scooter Store team worked long and diligently to develop a new path forward for the company,” the company said in a statement obtained by the San Antonio Express. “During these last months, our employees worked tirelessly to service existing customers responsibly. Every effort has been made.”

The company wasn’t available for further comment.

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