Hotels are supposed to have room underneath beds to accommodate Hoyer lifts, but David Smart, a C4-5 quad, says many hotels don’t seem to know this. That’s OK. He’s figured out a solution.  “There is no Hyatt in the country that has a bed frame that allows for a Hoyer lift transfer,” he says. “At a Hyatt in Santa Rosa, Calif., the manager of the hotel had the frame switched and the bathroom counter skirt ripped out so we could stay there.” Smart says there’s simply no reason for a hotel to balk at swapping out frames. “Frames cost hardly anything — you can pick one up for $40 at Wal-Mart.”

Mattress density is another factor Smart must deal with, due to past troubles with pressure wounds. “At home I sleep on an air bed that’s perfect for me,” says Smart. But I also find memory foam works just fine.” He packs a memory foam mattress topper and brings it with him wherever he and his fiancé go. “The toppers collapse pretty darn well,” he says.