online-shopIt feels like a cyber assault these last couple of days every time I signed into my email account and find countless, screaming offers for CYBER MONDAY DEALS! BIG DISCOUNTS! FREE SHIPPING! ONE-OF-A KIND SAVINGS!  Whoa. How much online Christmas shopping can one person handle?

As it turns out – quite a lot. But I have news for those Cyber Monday/online shopping marketers: I am all  done with my Christmas shopping. Not to brag, but let me repeat that: I’ve finished shopping for all the Christmas 2013 gifts on my list.  Every bit of my shopping was accomplished online with the last gift ordered several days before Cyber Monday dawned.

I used to Christmas shop at the local malls, enjoying the festive decorations and the piped-in holiday music. I’d even stop and watch all the excited children sit on Santa’s lap and eagerly recite their wish lists. But after years of fighting pushy, impolite crowds, trying to negotiate jam-packed store aisles, and struggling to pay for purchases at mile-high checkout counters, I decided there had to be a better way.

What I’ve concluded is that there could not possibly be a better gift for