Snow White in wheelchair.Never has Disney put forth a princess with a disability. You think they would’ve by now, but nope, and this oversight spurred Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo to finally do something about it.

An artist who become partially paralyzed after having cancer (and beating it!), he saw what it was like to be disabled — an experience not many get to know intimately.

And not surprisingly he was pretty chuffed at what he experienced. When he stepped out in public his first time as someone with an obvious disability, he saw how many people just didn’t like him anymore. Pure, horrible discrimination. There’s no way around it. And he saw that there are always going to be people who’ll never give you a chance in the dating department or a chance to enter their social circle, since they see you as being too much trouble.

These people suck and need to be called out, hence Alexsandro Palombo’s brilliant idea to reimagine the famous nine Disney princesses — Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Cinderella and Tiana —  as disabled Disney princesses, and challenging people to see if they’re prejudiced against people with disabilities by putting the following question o