Door Opener for PWD?
Very disingenuous for Mr. Abbott to call himself a door opener for people with disabilities while using his office to deny ADA protections to fellow citizens

[“Greg Abbott: The Cowboy Candidate,” November 2013]. I hear his argument that he is the state’s defense attorney. Of course, as governor he would be elected to serve all Texans — nobody’s attorney. A very direct way for Abbott to counter his inconsistencies is to state that, if elected, he would prioritize the waiver of sovereign immunity to ADA violations. That would align with the overwhelming majority of Texans who hate discrimination for any reason.
Dennis Borel

Abbott Versus Obamacare
The article on Greg Abbott was a fair description of his politics and his motivation as a person with a disability to become governor of Texas.

But there is one correction on a statement attributed to me that I heard Attorney General Abbott make about declaring a victory at the Battle of San Jacinto. The issue he was referring to was about how Texas would prevail over the Affordable Care Act in the courts, not the ADA. He made the analogy that the Supreme
Court ruling that the ACA was constitutional was like the loss Texas received at the battle at the Alamo, but that Texas would ultimately prevail at the Battle of San Jacinto.
Bob Kafka
ADAPT of Texas

Ironside Killed Ironside
I think Jeff Shannon is half right [“Who Killed … Ironside?” November 2013 online-only article]. People with disabilities didn’t get behind the new Ironside and neither did anyone else, because they ignored their base in casting, production, development and direction. Part of the reason the show failed is because the producers flubbed the details, and those few who tuned in saw it even if they didn’t know why. That’s a problem because if a show gets a crucial element like the lived experience of disability wrong, they are likely to handicap other aspects of the show as well. That said, Shannon’s final assess