My Gimpy Life is back! My Gimpy Life is back! OMG, I’m so excited, Teal Sherer‘s My Gimpy Life is back! There will be a new episode released via YouTube every Monday at 4pm Pacific time!! Yayyyy!!!

In this episode, our heroine and her weird and damply amusing roommate realize they’ve got to get real jobs if they want to make rent every month. He goes off to become a tax-season sign-flipping statue of liberty, and she joins a temp agency.

Boy does this episode ever speak to me.

Having been part of the soul-sucking temp world in my early 20s, this episode brought back some awful memories and then made them funny. I’ve sure stuffed more than my share of envelopes, and MGL nails how temps are thrown into these office jobs with laughable training.

My own all-time worst possible temp job? It wasn’t in an office, it was at a mall and I had to hang out in front of Sears dressed as Winnie the Pooh. A little dojo let out during my shift, so lots of squealing youngsters with multicolored belts would come running up to demonstrate their moves on Pooh