Mark_newNo matter if one uses an ultralight wheelchair, power chair or handcycle, many of us have the need for speed. From accessories to full models, manufacturers of mobility technology are looking for ways to pick up the pace of your propulsion with some way-cool — and fast! — products.

Faster Frog Legs
Legendary Frog Legs forks, the most popular aftermarket wheelchair accessory of all time, recently introduced its High Velocity fork to address modern ultralight manual wheelchair technology. Traditionally, caster flutter was addressed by tightening the fork stem or adding shims and O-rings atop the caster housing bearings. However, technology has changed, where most ultralight wheelchairs now feature a single bearing in the fork. As a result, there’s been little ability to dampen caster flutter on modern ultralights. To address this, Frog Legs innovated the High Velocity fork, allowing the average modern ultralight to travel an astounding 10 mph faster without caster flutter. Frog Legs takes its suspension fork concept and adds a quarter inch of trail, which locates the caster farther back on the fork. That seemingly subtle change makes all the difference, all but eliminating flutter. As a result, the High Velocity fork provides a smoother, safer, faster ride, and at an MSRP of $299, may be just the right price if caster flutter is slowing you down.