trailI’ve always loved Nature Valley — those crunchy granola bars were the only healthy thing I liked as a kid. Well now I love Nature Valley a whole lot more. Why? Because the company’s given the “Google Map” streetview treatment to some of the prettiest trails in national parks across the US, and they’ve put in all of it online. So now there is a database of virtually accessible hiking trails that everyone can enjoy without even leaving their homes.

Make no mistake, this is a great marketing tool — “Hey look at this awesome thing we did!” But the thing is, it is an incredibly awesome thing. What the company undertook last year deserves an award.

What Nature Valley did is send a group of very in-shape 20-something hikers with high-tech recording equipment out onto trails in the Great Smokies, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Sequoia national parks. It took months to complete, but their tenacity is