Unlike getting a new car, house or pair of shoes, getting a new wheelchair is so not fun. You’d think it would be … the ordering, the anticipation, the new chair smell. But when your new chair arrives, you realize how un-fun it actually is. Reason being, it feels completely foreign.

It’s too easy to forget how long it took you to get comfortable in your current chair. Most likely it was years ago, and you put it out of your memory because of its annoying unpleasantness, but it can take a long while, a real long while, to feel supremely comfortable in a wheelchair, and getting a new chair brings all of that back.

All of this is on my brain because I received my fourth new powerchair since my injury about eight months ago, and crazily it’s still not comfortable. This is the longest and most difficult adjustment period I’ve actually ever experienced with a new chair, and I’m not sure the culprit to blame.

Maybe it’s true, the new medical equipment being made right now is shoddier than ever, or perhaps, just perhaps, I’m getting pickier with age. I do know what I love more than ever, so it’s hard to say.

The big thing that matters right now is that I have to finally get my chair to the comfort level I need. I’ve already wasted too much time and gas money driving around on a wild goose chase trying to get my chair comfortable.

The slough of adjustments I’ve already had are insane: adjusting the back rest angle, lowering the cane hand