Horizon trikeIn the very cool department, Outrider USA, an ultralight adventure vehicle company, has created the Horizon Trike — a full-suspension on-road/off-road battery powered adaptive trike. 

The idea for the Horizon started a year ago when Christopher Wenner, an adventurer, Ph.D, and quadriplegic contacted the folks at Outrider and shared his vision of building an electric trike that would take him on and off the beaten path. Stoked, the three co-founders of the company worked with Wenner to create the Horizon prototype, one that has since taken Wenner on incredible trips and adventures.

What also grabbed my attention is that the Horizon trike is available in nine different adaptive option modes including:

  • Standard controls (full power mode)
  • Full power mode controlled by right or left “tri-pin” hand control for people with limited hand movement
  • Hand cycle (arm crank) with power assist
  • Foot peddle cycle with power assist.