Right Woman, Right Time
Sometimes you know when you first meet someone that they belong on the front cover of a magazine like NEW MOBILITY. Congratulations to Person of the Year Deborah Davis.

Somewhere over the last 10-plus years, Deb began showing up more and more actively in the networks of advocates for inclusion in travel, media representation of people with disabilities, and inclusive fashion. Weaving the insights of Australia’s Bill Forrester with her own, Deborah succeeded in making Travability.travel become known not only for its quality tours, but also as a thought leader coaxing the travel industry to look at those of us with disabilities as customers. It seemed that whenever I turned around, their PUSHLiving Enterprises was taking an idea whose time had come and shaping it into a business. Deborah was not just telling the industry how to do it, but rolling up her sleeves and making it happen. PhotoAbility.net is still where I direct media buyers who need photos of people with disabilities. And someday I hope to score a good swap of my accessible home in Silicon Valley for somebody else’s halfway around the world with TravAbilityproperties.com.

Thanks, NM, for recognizing the work of Deb Davis.
Scott Rains
International Disability and Development Consultant
San Jose, California

Caring Chairskaters
My son Kumaka was touched greatly by Christiaan “Otter” Bailey and Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham

[“WCMX … “ (Chairskating), January 2014]. Kumaka is 7 years old now and very active because of these two athletes. Kumaka has spina bifida, and two years ago needed bilateral hip surgery. That surgery lasted 12 hours, requiring a blood transfusion and a spica cast. While in recovery, we contacted “Wheelz,” asking him to take a picture of himself in a green shirt for a collage we wanted to make for Kumaka to lift his spirits. “Wheelz” did one better and drove to our house and hung out with Kumaka. It was amazing.

Six weeks later, after the cast was removed, Kumaka broke his femur in half, requiring six more weeks of the hated spica