Children with disabilities are denied so many opportunities and learning experiences when they can’t move around independently, which is why I’m so excited to see the recent development trend of toddler wheelchairs. Finally, a way has arrived to help these little guys to interact with the world.

Why is this important? Kids with disabilities often don’t know about the most common social activities. Once, a little girl who was a wheelchair-user asked how I was injured. When I told her by diving off a slide, she looked confused and asked, “Mama, what’s a slide?

But with new manual ZipZac and power Bugzi wheelchairs that have sprung up for toddlers with mobility impairments, young children with disabilities have a better chance at developing normally both socially and mentally, and that’s an awesome thing.

The ZipZac was initially created for a little boy with spinal bifida, Zachary, to help him get around on his own since he cannot inde